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Specificity of one’s Polish benefit and you will banking system

Specificity of one’s Polish benefit and you will banking system

As soon as we get to know the effects from significant alterations in the fresh new control structures out of finance companies already within regional locations, it is realistic to assume you to definitely financial institutions having the owners is perhaps not informationally disadvantaged to help you a serious the amount regarding other banking companies. Also, the, more powerful people who own the present banking institutions will most likely enjoy a keen virtue in the money lending factors, similarly to foreign entrants, since displayed about model showed by Boustanifar ( 2014 ) (look for including Wu, Chen, Jeon, & Wang, 2017 ). For that reason, the look of the newest customers is reduce the financial constraints away from opaque SMEs and you may undoubtedly feeling local economic craft. We share such criterion as follows:

EMPIRICAL Means, Study And Habits

Hypothesis step 3: Tall changes in the newest ownership off financial institutions which might be found in local areas has actually a positive impact on regional financial activity.

Amount of the research

The new faculties away from regional banking locations are important having local economic climates and SME applicants for a few factors why. Basic, Presbitero, Udell, and Zazzaro ( 2014 ) demonstrate that the majority of the financing is contracted locally. Second, Liberti and you can Mian ( 2009 ) and you will Agarwal and Hauswald ( 2010 ) document you to a smaller geographical distance between your suggestions-meeting representative plus the financing-giving officer encourages the newest range and use of mellow information about possible lenders. Alternatively, a heightened length, predicated on Mian ( 2006 ), complicates the brand new renegotiation out-of contracts and you will produces profitable healing not as likely.

In the present research, we check the fresh impact from changes in local banking areas into the your neighborhood economy and picked regions of SMEs’ abilities in the the brand new condition peak. In Poland, areas try intermediary systems away from administrative department ranging from communes and you will voivodships. Discover 380 counties inside the Poland, along with 66 metropolitan areas one to do a county mode. Their mediocre facial skin is actually 823 kilometres dos , as mediocre population a bit exceeds one hundred,100 someone. Evaluation from the county height stands for a convenient selection for analysing the consequences off imbalance in this regional financial assistance. Basic, a number of important monetary signs available getting areas and you will voivodships aren’t designed for communes. In addition, within our thoughts, state boundaries delimit regional financial places a lot better than borders away from communes and you will voivodships. In the the common condition, 15 banking companies and you will forty lender twigs perform. These types of quantity is enough to characterize regional banking environment. Having said that, communes have become quick devices out of management department. An average of, merely six financial branches work in good commune. In more than simply 50% from communes just about a couple of banking institutions can be found. Therefore, 16 voivodships in Poland are too huge having studying the matchmaking ranging from changes in regional financial areas and local financial status. New indicate people regarding voivodships was step 1.eight billion anyone and you can, an average of, up to 650 lender twigs can be found inside their boundaries.

The fresh new Gloss cost savings weathered the fresh new present overall economy contrary to popular belief really. During the 2008 and you will 2009, Poland registered more than decent GDP progress during the speed off 4.8% and step one.8% respectively. Inside period 2008–16, the brand new imply GDP progress exceeded slightly step three%. A reduced GDP growth rate 1.6% is actually noticed in 2013. And a large inner marketplace for products or services and constant inflows away from funds from europe finances, this new apparently a great results of Gloss benefit is fuelled by a steady supply of borrowing from the banking institutions.

The fresh Gloss banking system consists of a couple of sets of banking companies you to definitely participate in your area. These types of groups differ substantially within their enterprize model, business function and you will size of operations. The original band of financial institutions – this new therefore-entitled industrial financial institutions – has highest, distantly treated banks which have across the country branch sites, arranged as the combined-inventory companies, county companies otherwise branches regarding overseas credit institutions. All of the commercial financial institutions was foreign owned inside the take to period. The following category comprises collaborative financial institutions merely, that are quick regional organizations level, at best, multiple areas. According to data compiled by new Gloss Economic Supervision Power, 561 collaborative banking companies controlled almost 7% of banking sector assets at the end of 2015. Yet not, cooperative banks considering the features through as much as 4200 twigs, nearly 29% of all of the lender twigs into the Poland, and you may functioning almost 20% of overall financial market staff during the Poland. One another characteristics is connected to the simple fact that cooperative banking institutions count heavily to the matchmaking-mainly based financial model and that needs repair out-of a comparatively large number away from specialists and you can twigs when considering the size and style out of functions.

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